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October 2006


            Anywhere you find the name Ingool, you’ll almost certainly find someone whose heritage can be traced back to Wilkes Co.  In fact, I have yet to find anyone with the Ingool last name who does not descend from Nathaniel Ingool who was born in this county about 1831.  And I’ve looked!  But how can that be?  No, they weren’t beamed down to Traphill from outer space.  It happened because of a spelling mistake that began in the mid 1800s.


            But let’s back up a few decades to the year 1810 on the banks of Stinking Quarter Creek in southeastern Guilford Co.  This was an area largely populated by people of German ancestry who attended one of the local Lutheran or Reformed churches.  In 1810 Frederick Ingold was born to parents William Ingold and his wife Eve, their fifth child.  William may have been the grandson of a German immigrant to Philadelphia, but nothing is known about Eve’s family. 


In 1820 William died leaving his wife with nine children who ranged in ages from one to twenty.  Over the coming years William’s 209 acre estate would slowly be divided into nine parts and doled out to his heirs as they came of age.  But, young Frederick didn’t wait to receive his share of the estate.  On 8/6/1829, at the age of 18, he married Susan Shoe in Guilford Co.  The following month he sold his undivided share for $80 and moved west to Wilkes Co.  Apparently members of his wife’s family had made the move years earlier, and Frederick and Susan are found living near them in the 1830 Wilkes Co census.


            Frederick Ingold and Susan Shoe had four children:


1.  Nathaniel Ingool                              born 1831

2.  John Ingold                                     born 1833

3.  William Ingold                                 born 1838

4.  George Harrison Ingold                  born 1844


The family of Frederick Ingold is found in the 1840 Wilkes Co in Capt. Welborn’s District with one male (under 5), two males (5-10), one male (30-40), and one female (30-40).


Sometime before 1850, Susan died.  In that year’s census, Frederick is listed with a new wife and a larger household:


Frederick Ingole (40, farmer, born Guilford Co)

Lucy                            (50)

Nathan                         (19)

John                            (17)

William                        (12)

Harrison                      (6)

Judith Stone                (21)

Amanda Stone            (19)

Martha Stone               (15)

Phelix Stone                (17)

Frederick’s second wife may have been Lucy Johnson Stone, the widow of Byrd Stone.  With her four children, his four children, and both of them being previously married, they must have resembled a pre-Civil War Brady Bunch!  Worth noting is the fact that this is the first time their name is not spelled “Ingold”.


            By 1860 the household was noticeably smaller and their last name was spelled differently yet again.  They were listed in Wilkesboro Township, with no real estate, and personal property valued at only $50:


                        Frederick Ingool (52, day laborer)

                        Lucy                (55)

                        George H.        (16, in school)


This census also discloses the fact that Frederick could not read or write.  Therefore the only link he had with his surname was in its pronunciation.  Varying individual accents combined with poor reading and writing skills in the area are what led to the eventual misspelling of the Ingold name as “Ingool”.  However, the “Ingold” spelling was able to make an escape from Wilkes Co.  Frederick’s second son John married Elizabeth Johnson in 1853 in Wilkes Co.  Within two years they had moved west into Green Co, TN, where John later served in the Civil War.  In the 1870s John and his family continued moving north and west into Missouri.  Descendants of John’s family still use the Ingold spelling.


            Frederick’s third son William is never found after the 1850 census.  By 1860 he would have been 22 years old and could easily have moved away and started his own family, but he has not been found in any 1860 census.  It is possible that he died while still living at home.


            George Harrison Ingold, Frederick’s youngest son, was still living at home in 1860.  After years of not knowing anything about him, I finally found George listed among Civil War service records.  “G. H. Ingold” enlisted in Co G, 54th Reg on 4/5/1862 in Wilkes Co at the age of 18.  Confederate muster rolls list him as 5’ 8” tall and a farmer born in Wilkes Co.  He was sick at the muster roll of May/July 1862, but he was present in Nov/Dec 1862 and Jan/Feb 1863.  However, the March/April 1863 rolls show that he was “deserted March 30” in Fredericksburg, VA.  Perhaps he was killed in battle and was never accounted for by his regiment.  


            This leaves only Nathaniel Ingold, the oldest son of Frederick.  Nathaniel married Lydia Bauguess on 9/25/1853 in Wilkes Co where they lived out their lives.  In fact, they were charter members of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church when it was organized in 1879.  In 1870 and 1880, Nathaniel and Frederick were the only members of this family living in Wilkes Co.  In 1870 both of them were listed as “Ingule” in the census.  In 1880 there was Frederick Ingool with his third wife Jennie Phelps, and Nathaniel Ingold still with wife Lydia.  Frederick died sometime before the 1900 census.  As for Nathaniel, after the death of Lydia, he remarried to Matilda Prevette on 3/12/1894 at her home.  His age was given as 60 and hers as 50.  Nathaniel was still living in 1896 when his youngest daughter was married, but he died before the 1900 census.


            Nathaniel Ingold/Ingool and Lydia Bauguess were the parents of eight children:



1.  Susannah (Susan) Ingool                                    1855 -

2.  Katherine Elizabeth (Cassie) Ingool                  1857 - 1939

3.  John Andrew Martin Ingool                                 1859 - 1942

4.  Sarah Ingool                                                         1865 -

5.  *Richard Cornelius Ingool                                   1867 - 1941

6.  Rosie F. (Rose) Ingool                                        1869 - 1919

7.  Phebe Narry Rosiny Ingool                                 1871 -

8.  James Nathaniel Ingool                                       1874 - 1951


Here is some additional information on each of these children.


1.  Susan married William Triplett on 8/8/1878.  She was not mentioned as a surviving family member in the 1939 obituary of her sister Cassie.  Her death is not recorded in Wilkes Co.64  Her second child was born in 1882, and it appears that her husband remarried in 1888.  She must have died between those two dates.

[(1880 Wi, Traphill, p23, #224/228); (1900 Wi, Traphill #159, p5A, #86/87)]


2.  Cassie married William Hardin Absher on 2/16/1878 in Wilkes Co.  His mother was living with them in 1880.  In 1920 and 1930, she was a widow living with her son.  She died of a heart attack at her daughter’s home in Jonesville, Yadkin Co, NC.  She was buried at Mt. Pisgah Bap Ch.  They have many descendants living in and around Wilkes Co.

[(1880 Wi, Walnut Grove, p50, #15/15); (1900 Wi, Walnut Grove, p247B, #38); (1910 Wi, Walnut Grove #181, p12A, #219); (1920 Wi, Walnut Grove, p7A, #129); (1930 Wi, Walnut Grove, p2A, #25)]


3.  John married Minnie Minervia Bauguess on 2/24/1882 in Dockery, and they lived in eastern Wilkes Co near Elkin.  John A. Ingool, age 51, applied for voter registration on 10/27/1906, Edwards Township, where he stated that he was a descendant of Nathaniel Ingool who was a voter on 1/1/1867.  He married his second wife Martha Alice Luffman on 11/6/1908 in Wilkes Co.  In 1920 they lived on Shoe Factory Hill, and he was a laborer at the shoe factory.  He is said to be buried at Macedonia Bap Ch, but I could not find his headstone.  His death certificate says he was a farmer.

[(1900 Wi, Traphill2, p228B, #91); (1910 Surry, Marsh #184, p12B, #245); (1920 Surry, Elkin #251, p16A, #65/68); (1930 Wi, Edw Dist 8, p9A, #147/156)]


4.  Sarah married John Crouse in May 1881 in Wilkes Co with her age given as 19 and J. A. Ingool as a witness.  There is no John or Sarah Crouse in the 1900 Wilkes Co census.  She was not mentioned as a surviving family member in the 1939 obituary of her sister Cassie.243  Her death certificate was not found in Wilkes Co.  Where did they go?


5.  Richard married Mary Jane Walker on 9/19/1890 at Joseph Spicer’s residence (her step father).  They were married by Rev. J. J. Caudill, a Baptist minister, in Wilkes Co.  Richard Ingool, age 38, applied for voter registration on 10/29/1904, Traphill Township, where he stated that he was a descendant of Nathaniel Ingool who was a voter on 1/1/1867.  He was a mason and built many chimneys in the vicinity of Hays and Traphill.  He worked as a farmer and died of old age according to his death certificate.  He is buried at Mt. Pisgah Bap Ch.  I descend from Richard.

[(1900 Wi, Walnut Gr, p246A, #11); (1910 Wi, Traphill, #32); (1920 Wi, Traphill Dist 186, p10B, #186); (1930 Wi, Walnut Gr, p2B, #28)]


6.  Rose married Joseph Lange Wiles on 3/14/1886 in Wilkes Co.  She died in Wilkes Co (Bk 5, p223) and is buried at Covenant Ch.

[(1900 Wi, Rock Creek, p191A, #89); (1910 Wi, Rock Cr #176, p2B, #32); (1920 Wi, Rock Cr #182, p8B, #124/132)]


7.  Narry (or it may be written Mary, age 24, in the marriage records) married Dock Luffman (age 27) on 4/13/1896 at her father’s house in Wilkes Co.  They have not been found in the 1900 Wilkes Co census.  By 1930, Dock had died and Narry was living with her son’s family in Elkin.  They were renting their home on E. Main St for $9 per month.  She and her son both worked at the woolen mill known as Chatham Manufacturing Co.  She was a “specker”, and he was a “carder”.  Their neighbors were wealthy members of the Chatham family, and in fact, they were probably renting their home from them.  In the 1939 obituary of her sister Cassie, “Mrs. Nara Ingool Lufmer” is listed as a surviving sister.  No record of her death has been found in Wilkes Co.

[(1910 Wi, Edwards #164, p18A, #334/338); (1920 Wi, Edwards #169, p10A, #186/192); (1930 Surry, Elkin #86, p12B, #242/259)]


8.  James married Mandy J. Grimes on 10/25/1894 at his father’s house in Wilkes Co.  In the 1910s, the family moved west from Wilkes Co to Kingsport, TN.  In 1920 he was living on Sullivan St with his wife and three younger children, with his oldest son nearby in the county jail.  James was working as a wood pealer at a pulp mill.  At some point they moved to Greensboro in Guilford Co, NC.  In the 1939 obituary of his sister Cassie, he is listed as a surviving brother, living in Greensboro.  He was living there on 20th Street with a granddaughter when he died of heart disease (Bk 79, p509).  He was buried in Forest Lawn Cem in Guilford Co.

[(1900 Wi, Walnut Grove, p246A, #5); (1910 Wi, N Wi #174, p9A, #151/152); (1920 Sullivan, TN, Kingsport #167, p21B, #434/482)]


            For the past six years there has been a reunion held at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Hays for the descendants of Nathaniel Ingool.  People are encouraged to bring pictures, stories, or other information from their side of the family.  And everyone in attendance is guaranteed a good meal.  (Who doesn’t like reunion food?)  The event is always held on a Saturday in September.  Relatives from as far away as California have attended.  Anyone interested in attending next year’s reunion can contact me for more information.  I would also like to hear from anyone related to the Ingool family.