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Primitive Baptist Association Obituaries

The Primitive Baptist Association was organized at Old Roaring River Baptist Church in October 1868.Its first annual meeting was held on October 22 and 23, 1869.Comprised of churches predominately in the northeastern quadrant of Wilkes County and the southern most parts of Alleghany Co, the Association convened each year at one of the member churches.In one of the Associationís earliest years, the member churches were listed as follows:

Church Local Post Office
Bethany Round Mountain
Bethel Wiles
Dehart Dockery
Liberty Grove Traphill
Liberty Knob Traphill
New Covenant Dockery
Rachel Burcham
Roaring River Traphill
Round Mountain Round Mountain
Shady Grove Cherry Lane
Walnut Grove Springfield
White Oak Parks
Zion Hay Meadow

This collection of obituaries is certainly not complete, but includes listings from the Associationís first year in 1869 until as recent as 1982.Copies of all of these obituaries were given to me by Mr. Paul Gregory in early 1999.After over a year and a half, I have transcribed all 559 listings, trying to include the information that would be most helpful and interesting to someone researching their family history.Keep in mind that, while I have proofread the entire book, there is still the possibility of some mistakes or errors.When an obituary was continued on a different page which I did not have, I included a note saying that I had incomplete information.

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