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Records, maps, and other primary source records that I have collected, compiled, or investigated.

  • Wilkes Co, NC

    1. Obituaries from the Primitive Baptist Association
      This is an assortment of obituaries for Wilkes and Alleghany Co between 1869 and 1982.

    2. Assorted Headstone Transcriptions
      Mainly from Wilkes and Alleghany Co in NC, and Carroll and Pulaski Co in VA. There are about 440 names here from cemeteries I visited mainly in the 1990s. They are listed alphabetically by last name.

    3. Guardian and Estate Papers for the Estate of Peter Ingold (c1780-1820) of Guilford Co
      I received these records from the NC State Archives in 2005.

    4. The 1878 Wilkes Co, NC, Estate Record for Emanuel Bauguess who had died in 1861.
      His son Jonas Bauguess was the administrator, but he had a difficult time settling the account. He experienced a classic case of sibling rivalry.

    5. Roaring River Map
      A group of maps showing land purchased in 1902 by the Stone Mountain Granite and Timber Company on the waters of Roaring River. (March 2019).

    6. Wilkes Land Grants (March 2021)
      Multiple files of lists, details, and maps for the 7,975 Wilkes County Land Grants.

    7. Ezra Deborde Civil War Record (2019)
      Ezra Deborde was born in 1825. After being forced to enlist in the Confederate Army by the Home Guard, he left home in October 1863. His first action was in Tennessee the following month where he was tragically killed in his first battle. These pages are from his pension file requested by his wife Mary C. Boaz Deborde in 1885.

    8. Views Of North Wilkesboro (2021)
      This 60-page booklet was printed in 1906 as a marketing tool to bring in new business to the new town of North Wilkesboro.

    9. Map of 1841 Wilkes School Census Districts (Nov 2022)
      In 1839, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the Education Act which led to the formalization of county school districts. In Wilkes County, these were created on March 4, 1841, as detailed in Volume 1 of the Wilkes County Board of Education Minutes. These boundaries aren't very detailed, but combined with other information, they can be mapped accurately enough to see the general area where families lived.
      The black numbers and boundary lines are the original districts created in 1841. The green districts are the ones that were added or amended over the following twelve years. The Board of Education was abandoned before the Civil War, but it was re-established in the 1870s. The Minutes books and the individual census pages for each district are available at the NC State Archives and on familysearch.org.

  • Surry Co, NC

    1. Historical records for Elkin, NC, in Surry Co.
      Maps, grants, and deeds relating to the town of Elkin and the early David Allen ironworks.

  • Stokes Co, NC

    1. The 1836 Stokes Co, NC, Estate Record for Edmund Tilley who died in 1835.
      His son David Tilley was the administrator, but his siblings contested the will. (July 2020).

  • Alleghany Co, NC

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