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Wilkes Land Grants

Watch this video for a demonstration of using the table and map.

There are nearly 8,000 land grants issued in Wilkes County after filtering out duplicate and blank records. I've assigned each one to the watershed on which the property is located. Images of the original land grant records have been put online by David McCorkle. I wouldn't have been able to work on this project without the work that he did in making the original records available on his website at www.nclandgrants.com.

  1. Searchable Table of Wilkes Land Grants (Updated 3/17/24)

    This table includes all of the land grants and all of the details pertaining to each one. It is searchable by using the white filter boxes at the top of each column. For the grants that I have placed on the map, the left column includes a link that will open the map on that tract.

  2. Map of All Land Grants (Updated 3/17/24)

    This map shows all of the grants that I have drawn and located so far. The grants are on an overlay with a Google map underneath.
    • Use the blue slider at the top right of the page to adjust the transparency of the grants layer.
    • A checkbox at the upper right turns the county lines layer on/off.
    • A checkbox at the upper right turns the grid lines layer on/off.
    • To find a particular recipient of a grant, use the Searchable Table above.
    • Some of these grants will move as I make more progress, especially those at the fringes of what I've done so far.

  3. Explanation of the Land Grant Records
    This page explains what these records are, how I've organized them, and how to use the Searchable Table. I also created a YouTube video that demonstrates how to use the map and the table.

  4. List of the Wilkes Watersheds
    (2-page pdf, 3/7/21)
    I assigned a main river and a sub river or creek to each land grant to identify its general location. This is a list of the 42 water system groups.

  5. Details for Each of the Watersheds
    (39-page pdf, 9/30/20)
    Each page provides all the details for each watershed including the names of creeks, branches, forks, and other landmarks that are mentioned in the grants. Many of these old creek names have been forgotten, and this list will help identify the location of property that references these places.

  6. List of Wilkes Creek Names
    (23-page pdf, 9/30/20)
    This is an alphabetical list of all the rivers, creeks, branches, forks, and other landmarks that are mentioned in the grants. For instance, did you know there were at least three streams in the county named Bear Branch?

  7. Map of the Wilkes Watersheds
    (UPDATED 8/28/22)
    This interactive map of Wilkes County shows the 42 water system groups that I used to identify the location of land grants. Zoom and pan across the map to see a particular area. Use the blue slider in the upper right corner to view/hide the watersheds which are overlaid on the map.
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